10 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

10 Things to Know Before Building a Tiny House

10 Things to Know Before Building a Tiny House


Tiny homes are now trending for some reason. It is eco-friendly and anti-consumerist. You have your own home at an affordable price, but there are some things you need to consider and explore before you take the plunge.


  1. Research about living in a tiny house. Read some articles about tiny living from the convenience and what it is like to live in a small space. You can join social media groups and ask actual homeowners for practical tips that you can’t see online.Tiny Homes: What Is the True Cost of Living Small? | MyWalletJoy
  1. Family size and lifestyle. Tiny homes are a superb location for single people, couples, and retirees. Consider your plans and factor in any children you want to have in the future if you are single now. It doesn’t have much room inside, but there is enough space for sleeping, cooking, and a shower. You will realize that the outdoors becomes an extension of your home. Having 4 Kids Is A Whole New Game | Family portrait poses, Family picture poses, Family photography
  1. Setting the Land. Research a potential building site for your new home. According to developers, the trend now is to move away from the city and go rural. Placing your tiny house in a place with deciduous trees is a good idea so your home will be shaded in summer and open to the sun in the winter. Make sure to go around and inspect the surroundings before starting to build. Also, consider the zoning laws of the locality since many haven’t caught up with the tiny house movement. To make sure you have up-to-date information, your best resource is the city hall or municipal hall.Setting Out Survey — LC Surveyors | Surveying Solutions
  1. Floor plan. Visualize the space you wish to live. Identify the specific requirements you need. Do your work from home? Make sure you have decent office space. BoxBrownie.com – Floor Plan Redraw Service
  1. Major features. Determine the significant features you need in your home. What are the things that make your tiny home functional yet comfortable? 
  1. Possessions. Get ready to get away with a lot of possessions if you have. Get rid of unnecessary items and learn to live without them. 
  1. Budget. The prices of a tiny house in the Philippines costs as low as P89,000 to P499,000. These are modular houses and assembled on-site in just a few hours. Don’t hesitate to consult professional help if need. Look for architects, contractors, and interior designers that have experience with building tiny homes.THOUGHTSKOTO
  1. Barriers. Address the hurdle in building your own tiny home. What are some of the hindrances? Is it the Land? Laws? Loans? Social pressure? Make some possible solutions and approaches to overcome these barriers. 
  1. Test drive. Before buying or building your own tiny home, try to rent some vacation rentals that can test-drive small living. Test-driving will resolve your doubts if you can live the lifestyle. The price range is as low as P20,000 a month for two people.
  1. Upkeep and repairs. Initial building costs may be low compare to traditional houses, and upkeeping can be expensive. You should have a budget for maintenance and repairs. Be mindful that tiny homes mostly require a custom size, which can be costly.


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